Would you like to use the Internet for everyday things as well as stream TV and use Skype, etc.?

Get a fast wireless internet connection from ZibraWireless.

  • Like many other households living in sparsely populated areas of Denmark, you also need an Internet connection with sufficient quality and bandwidth so you can connect to everyday chores, TV and radio streaming, online computer games and Skype, etc.

  • You can not get a fiber or a sufficient ADSL connection where you live.

  • Do your neighbors have the same challenge.

Then you and your neighbors should talk to ZibraWireless and hear if we can help - we're almost sure we can.

ZibraWireless is experts in sending powerful Internet connections over long distances, and distributing the capacity of such a connection between hundreds of households in a local area.

With a small antenna the size of a dining plate installed on the chimney / gable of the house you will be able to receive an internet connection of 25 to 50 Mbit in download and between 10 and 30 Mbit in upload.

Get started for a low one-time installation fee per. household and a low monthly fee.

Contact us now and get a great offer! 


+45 7873 7220   info@zibrawireless.dk