Event WiFi

ZibraWireless delivers solutions for different types of events, both indoor and outdoor.



Outdoor events

Create good wireless internet coverage for your guests for festivals, sports events or events.

At large gatherings where mobile data usage is high, mobile operators' LTE networks may find it difficult to keep up.

ZibraWireless offers WiFi solutions for events with high Internet needs and helps your guests get a good experience.

ZibraWireless has experience with WiFi solutions that can handle up to 20,000 simultaneous users, covering large and varied areas, and each setup is redundant which guarantees a safe performance and good user experience.

ZibraWireless also offers onsite support at these events, where we provide a team of specialists to ensure that all users have a positive wireless experience.


Indoor events

Wireless Internet is a necessity for professional conferences.

Conferences and exhibitions require fast wireless Internet, which the hotel and conference center may not offer. ZibraWireless offers high-capacity WiFi solutions that meet the growing demand for fast internet, at conferences and exhibitions.

A wireless setup from ZibraWireless can easily handle 1000 concurrent users, who all get fast and sufficient broadband.

ZibraWireless offers onsite support with a WiFi specialist who installs the wireless network and ensures that everything works during the event.

In addition, remote monitoring and support are also an option for customers who need advice.

Learn more about our WiFi solution at the largest danish political rally, Folkemødet at Bornholm (the video is in Danish): 

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