WiFi as a Service (WaaS)


WiFi as a Service
Low one-time installation fee, fixed monthly recurring fee. 


A wireless network is a necessity for all businesses today, but can also be a complex thing. It requires resources and maintenance, while it can cost a lot to establish.

So why not get it as a service, for a competitive fixed low monthly payment? For a low installation fee, you can get started right away! That's what WaaS is about. With WaaS from ZibraWireless, you can take advantage of a professional wireless network without the need to make major setup costs.

In addition, you do not have to worry about operation and maintenance, it is the responsibility of ZibraWireless, while giving you 100% guarantee on the solution throughout the contract period.


With WaaS from ZibraWireless you get 
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WaaS is hosted by ZibraWireless through a PrivateCloud solution, ensuring a high level of security and ZibraWireless's ability to monitor and monitor the network. This ensures that the network is constantly updated and functioning optimally.
Scalable solution
WaaS can be scaled to your needs. If you extend your location, it is easy to set up new equipment.
PrivateCloud based solution
support and monitoring
  Scalable solution



WaaS also gives you access to statistics about your users. When people are logged on to the network, it is possible to use the heat maps to see the users' patterns of movement and in real time see their location. In addition, it is possible to monitor usage statistics, time they are on the network, and much more, and segment the users. Based on this statistics, you can make more accurate budgets and thus achieve savings.
Using the knowledge and statistics WaaS offers, you have the opportunity to target your marketing so it affects your users at the right time. You will know at what time you hit most users and where people are moving. This can make your marketing smart so you do not have to advertise in the blind.
User behavior statistics Targeted marketing



WaaS is offered with flexible financing methods where the installation costs themselves are low and where you pay for the service every month. A kind of leasing of WiFi.
ZibraWireless offers a helpdesk by phone support between 08-16 in the working days. In addition, it is possible to contact us via mail, which we will respond to as soon as possible.
Low one-time installation fee 
- recurring monthly fee



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