About ZibraWireless

- ZibraWireless strives to become the leading supplier and operation partner in Denmark for advanced wireless technologies.

This vision became the foundation of the creation of the new digital company's emergence. The company started in 2015 with a solid foundation, as the management was taken from GlobalConnect, and with Niels Zibrandtsen as owner and principal shareholder. In head of our digital activities are CEO Henrik Engqvist, who has a long history with Global Connect and a great experience in the IT industry.

ZibraWireless wants to disseminate the wireless technology which plays an important role in covering the growing need for fast and accessible Internet, which the digitalization of our society has generated.

The team behind ZibraWireless

We are a dynamic team who all are driven by curiosity and passion for our field and we are all working professionally with our area of responsibility, to achieve the best WiFi solutions to an increasingly demanding market.

We have collected some of Denmark's best Wi-Fi specialists who have great technical expertise and have the experience to come up with unconventional solutions to complex issues.

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+45 7873 7220   info@zibrawireless.dk